Welcome to Trupek Software Solutions (TSS), Mathura. We at TSS, are a dedicated team of passionate web developers and designers. TSS was started in Mathura with the zeal to create best out of our craft to suit the need and aspirations of various businesses, in the online era.

Team TSS is more than willing to provide you with solutions, especially designed to suit your business image.


Digital Security

Data is the most valuable resource in today's world. In good hands it can provide you with the best results in a constructive and productive way. To help ensure this happens, we are commited to provide digital security with best resources available to us.

Innovation Mantra

To get the best of current IT solutions, you need customized solutions available on currently available technologies. To make technology fun and solutions easy-to-use, we need constant innovations in approach. We deliver innovative solutions in accordance to your need.

On-Time Service

The process of delivering effective results faster and in a comprehensive manner should be performed at the set deadline, when it is best valuated. We manufacture your solutions on time.


  • Website Designing
  • App Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Digital Marketing

We at Trupek Software Solutions (Mathura) capture the zest of an organization and create the theme for the organization’s website while excellently displaying the message to the audience. Our designing draws instant attention; holds the audience’s interest and creates a soothing environment to successfully convey your business message. Here we convert your business into a brand.

This is one of the most trending services we provide now-a-days. Mobile Application acts as the goods/service provider for your business through the highly used device in the world. It increases the market reach of your business. An app is an in-hand mobile solution to various difficulties. We at Trupek Software Solutions (Mathura) create applications that provide you with great user experience along with making various functions work. All in all we make applications, which you intend, in one go.

In today’s world of business, technology changes with blink of an eye. The problems that your old website could solve will seem negligible with time. And that is the right time for you to update your website. It is like retraining your employees to do better and more work for you. With TSS team’s research oriented approach we not only update our customer’s website with the coming market trends but also offer the modifications to our new clients.

A website is a portal to your business in the digital realm. This is your online space which is the key identity of your business for the national/international clients and that too 24/7. TSS provides you with the latest functions trending in the market. This not only makes it easier for your business to reach the target customers but also simplifies the various transactions (database, financial etc.) for your customers.

Every business needs to do several tedious tasks, day-in & day-out. Softwares are the quickest way to automate these processes at negligible cost. Softwares works wonders when specially customized to cater your business needs. Here we take charge by creating customized softwares for your business. Team TSS does not leave you here, but provides special assistance through modifications of the software along with your increasing business needs.

It is the new rage in the online world right now. A new business is launched every ten minutes. Offline it takes decades to be known as one but online you are in the golden era. Digital marketing is the future of all the marketing and branding. Make your business, a national/international brand with us. We at Trupek Software Solutions(Mathura) believe that “You are, what you are known as in the world of business”. Let’s educate the world!!


Shakti Nagar Corner,
Maholi Road
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